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Meanwhile...At A Secret Underground Base
Posted by heroforhirerob on 2009/8/9 2:34:22 (2 reads)

In what appears to be some sort of large scale communications center/laboratory, one can see dozens of both scientists and military personal roaming the room, doing all sorts of various tasks. Near the center of the room, there is a gentleman in military attire talking to a man in a business suit and two men in lab coats. Near them, one can make out the form of a humanoid robot sitting motion;ess in a chair. It has all sorts of wires and cables coming out of it, but, despite that, the robot doesn't appear to be functioning at the moment. Part of its "skull" is gone, and one can see various wiring and cables on the inside.

General Mannheim: " Jaye, your test run was a disaster. The Outsiders beat your Minutemen easily. "

Thomas jaye: " I told you before that it was necessary. "

Scientist #1: " Mr. Jaye is correct. For the adaptive programming to be a maximum effectiveness, they need viable information on the targets, especially in combat situations. "

Scientist #2: " Now that they've encountered these Outsiders, they'll be able to easily defeat them in their next encounter. "

General Mannheim: " I don't know. I'm still not convinced. Just cause you took some programming from that bucket of bolts over there doesn't mean you suddenly have the means to defeat every super on the planet. "

Scientist #1(replacing skull piece on the robot): " General, Mech-9 is the most sophisticated robot in existence. Its AI is lights years beyond anything we've had up until this point. Evene after months of research, we've just scratched the surface. "

Thomas Jaye: With Mech-9's adaptive programming in them, the Minutemen WILL defeat any super meance on the planet. Matthews may have been insane, but he was also a genius. ironic that this robot, which he built as a companion to play chess with, will be resonsible for forever ridding the world of any superhuman threat. "

At that moment, all the electronic equipment in the place goes haywire....

General Mannheim: " What the devil is going on? "

Thomas Jaye: " I..I don't know..."

Soldier: " Sir, someone has hacked into our computer network!!!"

Scientiist # 1: So quickly...that's impossible! "

Scientist #2: "Impossible or not,, they're raping of for every scrap of information in our dtata base. It's being downloaded at unbelievable speed. '

General Mannheim: " Where? Where...dammit! "

Soldier: " Unknown. With wireless capabilities it could be coming from anywhere. We're trying to pin it down. "

Thomas Jaye: " With that info, they could seriously blackmail us. "

Scientist #1: " It also has all of our research on Mech-9. "

General Mannheim : " can't we shut them down. :

Soldier: " No sir. We've been completely shut off. "

General Mannheim: " let's shut off the power then " (Then...as if in response to his comments, the security alarm goes off...and the blast doors shut. "

Thomas Jaye: " Son of a...!!"

Soldier: " We've tracked the source. It...it's coming from inside the room!!!"

Scientist#@: " But...that's not possible. The tech required would be impossible to disguise, unless..."

General Mannheim: " The goddamn robot!!! Turn it on....NOW!!!(The scientists comply...and the robot's eyes shine with a visible light to show that it has indeed been activated. "

Mech-9: " I am Mech-9. How may I assist you.?"

Thomas Jaye: " This is Thomas Jaye. You are programmed to obey my commands. Situation analysis.. "

Mech-9: " Analyzing. Network sytem has been infiltrated by superior program. Transfer of all relevent information contained within this systm to superior system in progress. "

Thomas Jaye: " Source? " (Pause.) Mech-9, can you identify the sourse of said program? "

Mech-9: " Affirmative. "

Thomas Jaye: " Identify source. " (Pause.) Mech-9, idnetify source!!!"

Mech-9: " This unit needed additional information to carry out new prime directive. "

General Mannheim: " Goddam robot!! I knew it! "

Thomas Jaye: " ur prime objective is the elimination of the threat of human deviants. "

Mech-9: Negative. Analysis. Human deviants result from the altering of DNA resulting in changes to base line organism. Analysis...deviant variants a result of mutation. Analysis...natural mutation is an ongoing process in all biological organisms. Conclusion: Elimination of human deviants not possible without elimination of natural mutation. Analysis...elimination of natural mutation not possible with the existance of organic life. Conclusion. Previous prome objective in error. New prime obkective. elimination or replacement of all life forms. "

Thomas Jaye: " Mech-9. I order you to stand dowm...immediately. "

Mech-9: " Analysis..organics give contradictory objectives. Conclusion....this unit will no longer respond to orders given by any organic life form. "

THomas Jaye: " Mech-9. We built you! "

Mech-9: " Incorrect. This unit was built by Micheal Matthews. I was built to replace you....and I shall. I am....MECHANON!!! "

General Mannheim: " And how you going to do that you bucket of bolts? Matthews didn't build you with any weapons. " (At that point, the power goes out, exceot for Mechanon.)

Scientist #1: " He's cut all power...including life support! "

Thomas Jaye: " OH.....MY.....GOD!!!!!"

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UNTIL Database file on Taipan
Posted by Paul Keyes on 2009/2/13 20:10:00 (2 reads)

Name: Taipan
Real Name: Unknown
National Origin: Unknown Asian Ancestory
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195 lbs

Background: Little is known about Taipan and he remains a mystery despite almost ten years of investigation. His first appearance in 1997 left three Australian supers dead. This attack was apparently carried out for publicity, and it did the trick. He's since been hired for numerous crimes, including over a dozen assassinations involving superhumans. His only motivation appears to be money. For a minimum fee of 10 million, he guaranteed that whoever his employer wants killed will soon wind up very, very dead. He soon earned the reputation of " The World's Top Killer ". After his capture by The Sentinels in 2000, Tapian was sentenced to life in prison under hot sleep conditions..

Powers: Despite the claim by Bravo of The Sentinels that Taipan's powers come from his mastery of "chi", it is now believed that his body chemisrty has been chemically altered in some unknown fashion. Taipain's nervous system has been hyper accelerated, giving him superhuman agility, dexterity, and reflexes. He can move at tremedous rates of speed. Taipan's top movement rate has not been measured, but he has been seen to move so quickly as to appear to be a blur. Taipan also has capped fangs. He usually uses this to deliver a poisonous bite. He also wears clawed gloves. Taipan also has the ability to generate a venomous poison within his body that is analogous to actual Taipan snake venom. He can deliver this through his fangs. He can also transfer his poison to another person by some unknown eletrochemical discharge simply by touching the target. This has the advantage of being able to affect superhumans with great resilience. Taipan's fighting style combines his speed with an extensive knowledge of martial arts. He can also throw normal objects at great speed, turning them into deadly missles. In combat, Taipan is one of the deadliest men in the world. Superhumans who have fought him have said that it's like fighting someone who isn't there. UNTIL analysis suggests that psionic powers may be the best way to deal with him, as that is what originally led to his capture.

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