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Church of Indigo-Aftermath
  Posted on Wed 26 Apr 2006 by heroforhirerob (3342 reads)
Following the events at The Tower, The Outsiders are faced with how to clean up the mess made by Sister Indigo. Mainly the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, affected by her sermons. Several hours after the defeat of Sister Indigo and her Disciples, both PRIMUS and UNTIL have sent major contingents to help keep the situation under control as most of those afflicted have suffered some kind of memory loss in the wake of Indigo's defeat. PRIMUS has sent the Millennium City branch, headed by Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez. UNTIL has actually sent their own superteam, UNITY, to help keep things under control. Quasar, UNITY's leader, and Silver Avenger Sanchez are currently speaking with The Outsiders....

Sanchez: " Look, I appreciate UNTIL's help in this matter, but as this is a legitimate security concern, it falls under our jurisdiction. "

Quasar: " I disagree. The notes gathered by the Outsiders show that Sister Indigo's organization clearly had scope beyond American borders. "

EBB: " You're both right...and wrong. Sister Indigo's organization no longer exists. It never did. It was just her working through others. I doubt any of her converts even know what they were doing. Most of them have no memory of what happened after they saw the light. Maybe we should worry about that first, eh? "

Quasar: " True enough. Very well. UNTIL concedes authority in the Indigo matter to PRIMUS, but we'll help in any way possible. "

Sanchez: " Thank you, Quasar. "(A short bald man with an enlarged cranium walks over to Quasar. He's wearing a stylized UNTIL uniform.)

Quasar: " Analysis, Mentiac? "

Mentiac: " No sign of any mechanical devices...nor psionic residue. The current theory is we're looking at supernatural involvement..." (A short distance away you see Surgical Steel lean over towards the bandaged up Spectre.)

Surgical Steel: " Sheesh. They needed a big brain goof to tell us THAT? Besides, magic doesn't exist. "

Spectre: " Very funny, Steel. Why don't you focus on giving me another one of your healing whammies? I'm in serious pain here. "

Surgical Steel: " For a guy who can turn invisible AND become intangible, you sure get hurt a lot. "

Spectre: " Don't remind me. " (Meanwhile, Mentiac continues his report.)

Mentiac: " We believe the memory loss is pandemic. My projection is that we're looking at extensive riots as a result sometime within the next 37 hours. "(Just then, the inter-racial superhero couple known as Dr. Black and Dr. Light appear in a burst of rainbow light, the ying yang pattern of their outfits clearly different than that of Mentiac.)

Dr. Black: " I think we have a solution for that. "

EBB: " You have the power to affect all those people? "

Dr. White: " No....but one of The Outsiders does..." (The Outsiders stand there in stunned silence....each one looking at the others...)

Violette: " Well, when we were offworld, I was told I was special, but..."

Dr. Black: " No...it is not you we speak of, Violette. "

Dr. White(pointing at Spectre): " No....it is him. "

Spectre: " Uh...me? Are you sure? I don't know any spells like that. "

Dr. Black: " No...but the reserves of power lie within you. Shall we, my wife? "

Dr. White: " Yes...let's. Now, Spectre. Just focus on the energy within you. That's right...(The two mages place their hands on Spectre's head and focus. Theirs hands glow for about 20 seconds) There...it is done. "

Violette: " That's all it took? Wow. You two must be really powerful. "

Dr. Black: " No, Violette. We merely have the skill. "

Dr. White: " The power lies within this one. Have a care, Spectre. You have enormous untapped potential. Use it wisely. "

Solaria: " Hold, magicians. What exactly did you do? Did you give them their memories back? "

Dr. Black: " Not exactly, Solaria. "

Dr. White: " Our spell replaced their memory loss with what they think should have occured. Each person will fill in the blanks with the events that seem most logical. What exactly we cannot say. Such spells are never precise. For now though, the crisis is over. "

Violette: " What about Sister Indigo? "

Surgical Steel: " Based on my preliminary examination, she's physically fine, but catatonic. She needs medical attention. "

Quasar: " In that case, she'll probably be better served by a local psychiatric facility than by us. We'll be responsible for transporting the other supers to The Raft though. "

EBB: " The Raft? "

Sanchez: " It's the main superprison for the eastern United States. It sits in the middle of Lake Michican and is above, in, and below the water line. "

Solaria: " That seems unfair. These people weren't in their right mind. "

Sanchez: " It may seem that way, Solaria, but they were present at several crime scenes by your own admission and at least three of them of them have prior records. As for the others, the courts will probably be lenient. "(A man in a stylized Greek hoplite outfit approaches Quasar.)

Quasar: " Yes, Myrmidon? "

Myrmidon: " The big one has regained consciousness. "(The assembled group goes over to the now awake Bastille, who looks none the worse for wear despite his beating.) "

Bastille: " You...pretty lady. I remember you. You hit pretty hard...almost as hard as me. "

Violette: " Harder, my friend...harder. "

Bastille: " Heh....that remains to be seen. "

EBB: " What do you remember? "

Bastille: " Enough to know that I have commited crimes...for which I must pay. Have no fear. I will not fight you anymore. I will obey the law and suffer the consequences for my misdeeds. It is as the lord would wish it. Maybe will fight again pretty lady................on the same side? "

Violette: " I'd like that. "(The UNTIL agents load him up into the prison van.)

Quasar: " Have no fear. With a good attitude like that, I'm sure he won't spend long in prison....and he looks young....so he has a whole life ahead of him. Bayonet will probably be let go once we get a statment from her. She seems to have no recall of any events in her costumed identity. The others will be spending time at The Raft. "

Solaria: " What about Sister Indigo? What sort of magic did she possess? "

Surgical Steel: " Mutant power, Solaria. Mutant power. "

Dr. Black: " We've detected in her magic similiar to that we encountered when we faced The Crowns of Krim last year. We feel she may be related to them somehow. Odd though...as she has no crown. "

Dr. White: " Let's just hope that Dark Seraph doesn't find out she possesses some of his power. He may.....want it back. "(Detective Shaughnessey walks up to The Outsiders.)

Spectre: " Wasn't there another super....Guillotine? "

Surgical Steel: " Yeah...he's right, but I didn't see him. "

EBB: " Terrific. ANOTHER loose end. "

Solaria: " Perhaps not. If he was another a spell like the others..."

Quasar: " Fraid not, Solaria. Guillotine has a terrorist record a mile long in Europe. Works for anarchist groups and the likes. A complete psychopath from all accounts. "

Shaughnessey: " Ahem. I hate to interrupt, but I just want to thank The Outsiders for all they've done. We all owe you a great debt and I'll be making a full report to the mayor. "

Violette: " Finally, some good press. "

Solaria: " I'd like to think so. Sometimes I feel like the populace feels we're the enemy. "

Quasar: " They fear that which they don't fully understand, Solaria. Be charitible....they're afraid. At least we have some villains off the street. We'll have the paperwork ready in under 48 hours to transfer them to The Raft. "

Shaughnessey: " Well, you have my full support, Outsiders. I hope that counts for something. "

EBB: " It does, but for now. I'd simply like to get some rest. "

Spectre: " I'll second that. "

Violette: " Well then. let's all take a day off and meet back up at EBB's place. "


NOTE: As usual, if anything here contradicts what occured in the session, consider this the OFFICIAL version.
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