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Taipan Footage
  Posted on Mon 01 May 2006 by heroforhirerob (2238 reads)

{NOV 2000}

The video clip opens with what appears to be a scene of the New York Thanksgiving Parade. As the procession of floats continues past, the camera focuses on one float in particular. This one is devoted to New York's resident hero tem, The Sentinels, and the entire roster is on board: Black Rose, Amazing Man, Diamond, Fury, and Transac. all are waving to the crowd and seem genuinely happy to be there. Also present are provisional members Electron and Rapture...

Voice: " Man, this parade is dull. At least we get to see The Sentinels. About the only thing cool about---"

Second Voice: " Hey...what's going on? That noise...zoom in man...zoom in. "

Voice: " Holy s**t! It's a fight! Somebody's attacking them, but I don't see anything..."

The camera pans to the float. Several of The Sentinels have already been knocked off the float, and the others still on it are being knocked about as if by an unseen force. In the space of a few moment, the entire team save Diamond are all flat on their back on the ground...

Fury: " WTF is going on, Rose?" (The brash adrenaline powered youngster looks over towards the team's lovely female leader:)

Rose: " I...I don't know. Clam yourself everyone. Defense pattern omega. Spread out. Look around. Transac, what are we facing? " (The team's android member scans the surroundings.)

Bravo: " Save it, Transac. I can already sense his chi. We're facing.....Taipan. "

Rose: " Good Lord! Diamond....Rapture's down. We need her. Protect her with your life. Transac....I need....UNNNGH! "(Suddenly as if out of nowhere, a humanoid figure appears out of thin air to land a solid kick on Black Rose, knocking her back a good ten feet.)

Bravo: " Rose!(The team's martial arts expert leaps in between the two.) Try me, Taipan. "(The figure, who can now be seen well enough to make out, appears to be wearing a pale gold costume with brown stripes running up the sides of the pants and sleeves.It covers his entire body, except for his eyes. His boots and skintight fingerless gloves are brown. On his chest is the image of a coiled snake ready to strike. The mask of his costume resembles the face of a snake with two black eyes and sharp white teeth surrounding the uncovered area, giving the impression that he is looking out of the snake's mouth. The two martial artists exchange a series of martial arts attacks and parries that are amazingly fast. As this continues the combatants hands begin to move so fast as to be almost a blur. Then, abruptly, the standoff ends with one strike by Taipan slipping through Bravo's defenses, the impact of which knocks him back twenty feet into the crowd, which is beginning to panic.)

Taipan: " Heh heh."

From behind Taipan, both Transac and Fury are flying towards Taipan at top speed, hoping to catch him while his back is turned. Unfortunately, just before they can connect, Taipan turns and snap kicks them both in the face, dropping them both to the ground.)

Rose: " Amazing Man, get them to safety...while I blast this bastard to kingdom come. (Amazing Man uses his pliable body to grab the two fallen Sentinels, while Rose uses her energy blasts to try and put Taipan out of action...to no avail. Again and again she blasts, only to have him side step at the last second) Dammit...it's impossible...nobody is THAT fast. " (Taipan smiles at that comment, as if to say...I am)

Transac and Bravo regain their composure and try to assail their attacker from two sides. Amazingly, Taipan holds them off easily parrying each blow seemingly with little effort. They are joined by Fury....and STILL Taipan outfights all three. Bravo uses his sais to try to tip the scales in his favor, then realizes too late that that's the last thing he should have done. As he tries to connect, Taipan grabs him by both wrists, breaking them. Taipan then tosses the stunned Bravo into the air and then leaps after him. Mid air, he literally punts Bravo across the street sending him through a store window on the other side. On the way down, he grabs Bravo's now dropped sais, and as he lands sends one through each of Transac's eyes.

Transac: " Squaaark! " The android grabs his eyes in obvious dismay.

Fury: " Son of a b***h! I'll kill y---" (His words are stopped short by the impact of two sais hitting his body at superspeed dozens of times.)

Electron: " Rose, perhaps together? " (The two powerful energy projectors begin launching an awesome barrage of energy towards their opponent as Amazing Man uses his body to protect the crowd. However, Taipan responds by, incredibly, ripping off Transac's arms and legs and using them to deflect the incoming blasts. Shocked, the heroes are unable to respond effectively as Taipan uses not only Transac's limbs, but also the body of Fury as missle weapons, knocking the two heroes for a loop.)

Diamond: " Dodge this. (The superhumanly strong member of The Sentinels uses the parade float itself to bash Taipan, but once again he is not there to be struck.) Geez, he did it. (Taipan then grabs a metal pipe and bashes Transac's skull into so much metallic mush at superspeed and then bounces back to Diamond and begins striking him with precise martial arts moves, not effective at first, but increasing in intensity until small chips of Diamond are seen to be coming off of the strongman's body) Owwwww!"

Rose(on the ground struggling to get to her feet): " Rapture.....NOW! "(Taipan, as if sensing his vulnerability, tries to respond, but it is too late. He feels himself under the influence of Rapture's psi powers, slowing him down. Then, he feels the impact of Diamond striking him. Taipan is sent flying....and while in the air, Electron and Rose blast him....just to be sure. When he lands, Taipan is NOT moving, but...is amazingly not seriously injured.)

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