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UNTIL Database file on Taipan
  Posted on Sun 07 May 2006 by heroforhirerob (2153 reads)
Name: Taipan
Real Name: Unknown
National Origin: Unknown Asian Ancestory
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195 lbs

Background: Little is known about Taipan and he remains a mystery despite almost ten years of investigation. His first appearance in 1997 left three Australian supers dead. This attack was apparently carried out for publicity, and it did the trick. He's since been hired for numerous crimes, including over a dozen assassinations involving superhumans. His only motivation appears to be money. For a minimum fee of 10 million, he guaranteed that whoever his employer wants killed will soon wind up very, very dead. He soon earned the reputation of " The World's Top Killer ". After his capture by The Sentinels in 2000, Tapian was sentenced to life in prison under hot sleep conditions..

Powers: Despite the claim by Bravo of The Sentinels that Taipan's powers come from his mastery of "chi", it is now believed that his body chemisrty has been chemically altered in some unknown fashion. Taipain's nervous system has been hyper accelerated, giving him superhuman agility, dexterity, and reflexes. He can move at tremedous rates of speed. Taipan's top movement rate has not been measured, but he has been seen to move so quickly as to appear to be a blur. Taipan also has capped fangs. He usually uses this to deliver a poisonous bite. He also wears clawed gloves. Taipan also has the ability to generate a venomous poison within his body that is analogous to actual Taipan snake venom. He can deliver this through his fangs. He can also transfer his poison to another person by some unknown eletrochemical discharge simply by touching the target. This has the advantage of being able to affect superhumans with great resilience. Taipan's fighting style combines his speed with an extensive knowledge of martial arts. He can also throw normal objects at great speed, turning them into deadly missles. In combat, Taipan is one of the deadliest men in the world. Superhumans who have fought him have said that it's like fighting someone who isn't there. UNTIL analysis suggests that psionic powers may be the best way to deal with him, as that is what originally led to his capture.
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