Article title:   From the journal of Dr. Isaac Kwiatkowski
First posted:   Wed 11 Feb 2009
Description:   Excerpts taken from the notes of Dr. Kwiatkowski, regional head of UNTIL's psychology and sociology department....

These "Project Sunburst" survivors, as they like to call themselves, have been under my supervion for the past three months. Though they were understandably apprehensive at first, they seem to have gotten more acclimated to their new environment. All share a common desire to be free to move around more. I'm not certain how to handle their the nature of their powers and the direct orders of my superiors make it clear they will be here for quite some time..

Delon Russell, despite being vocal about suing the US government, has seemingly forgotten about the issue entirely in favor of his new found fascination with the technology of the 21st century. He'd probably drop the lawsuit if it weren't for the egging on of his lawyer. He has a strong scientific curiousity that is immediately obvious just by speaking to him. He finds the unstable condition of his body's molecules interesting. I find it disconcerting.

Roy Wilson, who is emitting the highest radiation levels of the bunch and has demonstrated superhuman levels of physical strength, has something of a chip on his shoulder. He's always trying to prove himself in some way. perhaps a bit of overcompensating. Beyond that, he's a reasonably balanced person.

Rpberto Hernandez has one overiding psycholigical trait...greed. He constantly asks for things and is the only one still seriously interested in the lawsuit. the others are paying it lip service. All of them seem to have what I consider an unhelthy reliance on Mark matthews. They defer
to him for every major decision and sometimes won't be cooperative unless he's around.

Mark Matthews is a flustered young man. He's angry for what happened to him...and is not experienced enough to know how to deal with it. He's clearly intelligent, but his emotions often seem to get in the way of sound judgement. I fear for the safety of those around him should he get angry. My superiors tell me the energy readings from him are off the scale...some sort of solar energy Hernandez, but on a much larger scale. My last talk with him was worrisome....

Doctor: " Hello again, Mark. How are you today? "

Mark((in protective jumpsuit sitting across from the doctor): " Same as always. I'm as well as can be expected...for a prisoner..."

Doctor: " Now Mark, we've discussed this before. You and your friends are here for your..."

Mark: " Our own protection. I know. But...a gilded cage is still a lonely place. In my view, we've simply traded one prison...for another. At least, we slept our time away in our last prison. "

Doctor: " Well..besides are you? "

Mark : " I'm a prisoner..probably forever...oh yeah...I know all about our ...dangerous..levels of radiation..."

Doctor: " That's not true. The finest minds are working on it..."

Mark: " I'm a prisoner....I've lost thirty years of my life....everyone I've ever known is gone....and the one person I've always counted on has disappeared...AND is supected of being some kind of terrorist. I'll tell you, Doctor...this world of yours leaves something to be desired. "

Doctor: " We're here to talk about you, Mark. Not your borther. "

Mark: " My brother was the most outstanding human being I've ever known. He was a superhero for Christ's sake! There's no way he's a terrorist. Hell, he couldn't even bring himself to use his powers in anything but a passive way. The fact that the authorities are trying to blame him for everything wrong in this world pisses me off no end. No wonder he left..."

Doctor: " Does it make you angry enough to do something about it? "

MarK : " What's THAT supposed to mean? " (Suddenly, mark starts to shine with an ornage glow and the air in the room gets warm...and then hot...without wrning..a heatray projects itself from mark's index finger...shattering the Doctor's coffee cup.)

Doctor: " Good lord! Mark. Control yourself! "

Mark: " I'm.....sorry, Doctor. If you don't mind, I'd like to rest now. our lawyer has requested to meet with us this afternoon. "

Doctor: " Of course.'re not going to turn out like your brother. "

Mark: " I know.....he was the good one...." (Mark walks away....led by two armed UNTIL agents.)
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