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The Alternate Universe
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Here is a member of Time Corps from the alternate universe.

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Posted on: 2010/3/25 18:20
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Re: Space Site Launched
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Yay!!! I have a portal!!
Great work Paul, the site looks awesome :)

Posted on: 2009/12/26 22:28
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Space Site Launched

I have moved the space site to it's own portal. I have added a link on the left side to direct you there. The log in is the same as the main site, in the coming weeks....once I figure out how to make it work...we will be going to a single sign-on system. In the meantime I am separating each game to it's own themed site.

Primrose will be the next one implemented. Followed by TEC, Champions and then the rest.

Posted on: 2009/12/8 18:41
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Re: Session Recaps ( 7-12-09)
Just popping in
Just popping in

The Outsiders, using stealth tactics, and a "divide and conquer" strategy, managed to rescue the hostages from The Crusher Gang without anyone being seriously injured. The team managed to bag all the bad guys except for Shrinker....who was nowhere to be found. As the heroes started to tally up their victory they didn't even much notice that they had gotten wet due to the rain.

Posted on: 2009/7/23 1:03
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Re: First Space Game
Home away from home
Home away from home

There have been some scheduling changes. In order to get Supernatural ready for it's few month hiatus we have decided to give it Primrose Academy's next slot on Sat. July 18th. This lets us schedule the new Space Gurps campaign to start on Friday, July 31st. Primrose will resume in it's regular slot on Aug. 1st., and Space Gurps will get Supernaturals slot from then on until we decide to swap the two campaigns and put Space on hiatus.

Just as a reminder...everyone intending to play must have a completed background and an approved character. Pat has set a deadline for turning these in. If you miss it you will be finishing them up while the rest of us play on the above date!

Posted on: 2009/7/8 20:05
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Re: Session Recaps ( 5-4-08)
Just popping in
Just popping in

After leaving Radium and Roberto Hernandez in the custody of Stronghold officials, the group returned to Millennium City with new aquaintance Killroy in tow. Once there, they were informed by Mayor Biselle that....due to pressure from the feds, he's cut official city funding for the Outsiders. They're free to operate unofficially within city limits he later adds as a small consolation. While debating the future of the team, The Outsiders repond to yet another crisis: a hostage situation being instituted by a group known only as The Crusher Gang...after their leader, Power Crusher. To be continued....

Posted on: 2009/6/16 0:22
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Project Sunburst
Just popping in
Just popping in

The following abilities have been demonstrated by the members of Project Sunburst:

Roberto Hernandez(codename unknown): Ability to fly, ability to project heat and light.

Roy Wilson(codename unknown): Superhuman strength. High level of radiation emission.

Delon Russell(Phaze): Ability to alter his own molecular structure and that of others. While phasing, appeasr to be difficult to effect with psionic abilities.

Mark Matthews: Ability to fly. Projection of heat and light. High level of resilience.

All four "members" of Project Sunburst appear to be immune to the detrimental effects of radiation.

Posted on: 2009/6/8 2:56
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Session updates(6-7-09)
Just popping in
Just popping in

The Outsiders, while escorting Radium to Stronghold, ran afoul of their old freinds from Project Sunburst, who attacked the plane in an attempt to free Radium and get him to join their crusade against the government. Theresulting attack destroyed the plane. Despite the callousness on the part of Mark matthews, a display of compassion was shown by the man who called himself Phaze when he saved Master Chang from his free fall from the plane disaster. A faceoff between Solaria and Mark Matthews was about about to turn ugly when the scene was disturbed by the sudden appearance of three giant robots, who seemed to be targeting all the superhumans in the vicinity. Combining their efforts with those of the freelancer known only as Killroy, the robots were defeated...turning into a fine silvery dust.. Phaze, while understanding the trouble he was in, couldn't abandon Matthews, and he used his powers to phase himself and Matthews into the ground to safety. Roberto hernandez was left behind, and the decision was made to take both him AND Radium back to Stronghold.

Posted on: 2009/6/8 2:44
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A Private Meeting....
Just popping in
Just popping in

The scene: A room...some sort of meeting or board room, with the lights deliberately dimmed down. Around the large meeting table is perhaps a half dozen individuals...

Voice: " I think you can see from the evidence presented that we need to fund the Minuteman Project 100%...now more than ever. "

Second Voice: " With all due respect general, the American peopl are already funding the Liberty Legion. I don't quite understand why you feel this program is even necessary. "

General: " Mr. President. I know this is all overwhelming to you at the moment, but the project has been around for years, we're simply asking for a bigger peice of the budgetary pie....for the good of the public of course. "

President: " With our current economic climate, you're asking for quite a bit. '

General: " A climate which will get worse with supervillains running rampant across America...unopposed. The Matthews incident should be proof of that."

President: " Even if your logic is sound, I was told that the project suffered because the AI for the Minutemen couldn't be developed properly. "

General: " True, but the Matthews incident did give us one advantage. He had made great strides in both robotics amd artificial intelligence. We...acquired his Mech-9 prototype robot and used its brain patterns as the basis for the new alpha series. Combined with our recent strides in nanotechnology, the Minutemen will be the most powerful weapons on the planet, but completely unequivacally under our control. "

President: " And what if you're wrong? This has a potential scandal written all over it. "

General: " We've considered that, Mr. president. That's why all minutemen related activities are being redirected to a third party. He has agreed to assume complete responsibilty for the project in return for our minimal financial help and access to our advanced weapons programs. "

Mr. President: " And if I agree. I'll want proof that these...machines are completely reliable...and loyal....with us having complete access to shut them down if necessary. "

General: " Of course, Mr. President. Allow me to introduce the man who we feel can bring this project to a 100% unqualified success.....Mr. Thomas Jaye. "

Mr. Jaye: " Thank you, General Mannheim. Now...mr. president...as for your request...I propose a field test..against superhuman subjects. "

Mr. President: " Agreed, but this is a test only...no permanent harm is to be done to any targets you choose. "

Mr. Jaye: " Of course. Merely a....demonstration. "

General Mannheim: " As for the targets, I think I have the PERFECT test subjects. ...."


Posted on: 2009/2/15 4:25
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Site Changes

This week I upgraded us to the latest release of Xoops. It also brings us back inline with the currently being developed version. If you find any bugs, let me know.

Also, it came to my attention that the registration was broken again. I have fixed it. If you know anyone that has tried to join us but had a problem registering, have them try again.

Posted on: 2009/2/5 21:02
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