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Warm-Blooded Saurian
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Saurians are descended from warm-blooded hunting dinosaurians and exhibit many characteristic of their ancestors. The Saurians are especially notable for their considerable strength and size, which rivals that of Ursoids.

Stellar Primary: Type F, G

Home Planet: Planetary Type 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, with tropical and sub-tropical .conditions predominating. Steppe, forest, and jungle conditions are preferred, and dry climates (desert, arid steppe) are decidedly unpleasant. Gravity field tolerances range from fairly low to as much as 2.5G.

Radiation: Saurians have radiation tolerances comparable to those of Transhumans, usually +50% over human norms.

Atmosphere: Saurians do not do well in thin atmosphere conditions. Norms for humans born on average to high pressure planets will apply

Appearance: Saurians are reptilian bipeds with 2 arms, 2 legs, and erect stance which is aided by a balancing tail. The general shape is that of a small hunting dinosaurian of approximately man-size. The skin is a fine scale of greenish to brownish hue, although other shades may be encountered, including vivid coloration in iridescent greens, blues, reds, etc. Some species have a form of body hair related to the feathers of birds, and this covering may also be colored as variously as scales, The heads are remarkably bird-like in appearance, especially in the fur-covered species, and the Saurians therefore have anything except a reptilian look to them. Their tongues flick in and out regularly to smell the environment, as the olfactory sense is typically maintained in the tongue. (Some species have olfactory organs in the nostrils, however.) As in the case of most sentient races, their forepaws have developed into hands with thumbs and, opposing fingers, some races still retaining short claws which can be used in fighting. The feet are taloned in much the same way as noted for Avians, and these are used as fearsome weapons in close combat, the jaws also contain formidable fangs capable of rending and tearing an enemy with good effect.

Vision: Saurians have two eyes with dilating, slit pupils of characteristic snake-like aspect, Vision is binocular, but depth perception is average because the eyes are set far apart and to the side. This deficiency produces a compensatory effect; vision is almost 360º in some species and rarely is less than 270º. Color perception tends to be non-existent but a capacity to sense infra-red heat sources through special organs beneath the face scales compensates for this lack. (Saurians cannot see in infra-red; rather, they sense the presence and approximate location of heat sources up to 20 meters distant.) Most species are diurnal, and have relatively poor night vision. Several nocturnal species exist, and these have good night vision. All species have average to good acuity over distance.

Hearing: Saurians have moderately good hearing. However, it is vibration in the ground which they can sense with remarkable keenness. A walking man can be detected, for instance, at a distance of a hundred meters if he is on solid ground. Felines and Canines who are proceeding with stealth cannot be readily detected.

Smell: Saurians have limited olfactory senses, usually with a range of only a few meters.

General Comments: Saurians have iron-based metabolisms and are carnivorous in their diets. Life expectancy is about 100-125 years in advanced species, and about 50 years in primitive races.

Saurians should not be thought of as reptiles. They are warm-blooded and enjoy all of the advantages of any warm-blooded species, including considerably high activity levels even in cold weather. Cool and cold conditions are uncomfortable and hardly favourable to Saurians, but they can survive them if adequately protected by survival clothing and equipment.

By human standards, they are a cold-blooded group, empathetically speaking. This general inability to relate to others on an individual level might be explained, in part, by the racial tendency to rear young outside of a family setting. Loyalty is given to the race and its leaders, who have proven their strength and their wisdom, not to loved ones.

Posted on: 2006/4/14 17:50
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