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Session 10 (11-11-06)
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Unlike our previous trips (and last sessions notes) the Team, although they spent one week in the past, came back one minute after they had left on Sunday evening June 2nd. Monday & Tuesday's classes go by uneventfully, so does Wednesday & Thursday. (Maelannie finds a note on her chest that morning, but doesn't mention it to anyone) Friday's classes go by ok, but on Saturday morning, June 8th, we wake up in our pj's, barefooted in a jungle setting, it's about 70 and moist. Jose uses his Chronolocation ability and tells us it is 7 am Thursday, June 8th, 2305...or 200 years in the past. We figure out we are near the equator (in south east asia, south america or africa). We decide to head north after eating a breakfast of bananas and sharpening a few long sticks. (Llewellyn uses a spell to find water, it is north of us) We take some extra bananas with us. We spend a long day, 12 hrs., traveling. We see some lemurs, it rains a lot and is very hot and humid (100 degrees & 100% humidity - miserable) and without shoes we step very carefully. In the evening we climb about the canopy and Rebecca uses her Astronomy skill to determine we are in South America, so Lew figures out we are in Brazil. We split up into watches for the night and it went uneventfully. In the morning Lew decides to look for something to make a fife out of, Rebecca goes with him since they decide it's not wise to go off alone. They find a reed he can use and some Brazilian nuts which they wrap in some large leaves. After a breakfast of nuts and bananas the Team heads off. 6 hours later they come out of the jungle and see a man-made lake, two football fields in size, with boats and such on it and large modern homes around it. We decide to say we were researching in the jungle, medicine/archeology, and lost our stuff. Then we decide look for a church. We ask a man we see by the lake, he spoke in spanish/portuguese, and told us it was 4 kilo. to the town. Rebecca notices a car and requests a ride to town. We wash our feet and he gives us a ride in his nice car. He takes us to a catholic church, St. Francis. It is now lunchtime Friday, June 9th. We saw a welcome to 'Parone' sign and a Kiosk near the church. We decide to do a bit of research before going to the church and find the world is ruled by an Emperor Douglas II (for the last four years). This world has been ruled by an Emperor since the early 21st Century. The Space program doesn't exist and technology hasn't really advanced much since then, medical technology has improved - people live longer. We go into the church and an altar girl asks us if we are Americans. We say yes and she gets the priest. He asks us what happened and offers us clothes (from the poor box, we get shorts and t-shirts and tennis shoes) and food. We request the use of his computer and send an email to the base - it bounces, so we send one to the net about 'friends of the future' to meet us at 2pm where we are in Brazil, but no one shows. Rebecca decides to go back to the kiosk and research time travel on the net. She finds out that about 100 yrs. earlier a Dr. Pamela Felder (working for a university, she of course developed time travel in our timeline) had published a paper on how time travel could be possible, it was debunked and she retired in Wash. D.C. She also finds psi powers are illegal. Rebecca decides to call up Pamela, she looks 70ish and Rebecca tells her she is her own granddaughter and would like to talk with her in person. Pamela agrees to meet us in private in D.C. and wires us $100,000. We charter a luxury fusion lear jet and it takes us 6 hrs. to get there at 6pm local time. Pam sent a car for us and it takes us another half hour to get to her home. At first we keep up the pretext that Rebecca is her own granddaughter, but after talking for a bit Pamela catches on and asks if we are us. We admit to being time travelers in a program she developed in our timeline and she seems very happy to know she was right. We read her history books and find out where our timelines diverge. Her books say that under Pres. Bush after Sept. 11th 2001, he brought home all troops and strengthened U.S. security. Technology then grew by leaps and bounds...a cure was found for cancer and other amazing things. He got the 25th Amendment repealed, pro-choice & evolution, and became really well loved. Frank DeMarco replaced Carl Rove as chief of staff. In 2011 DeMarco vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. We decide to look him up in 2305...until 2 weeks ago, when he was reported missing, he worked at N.Y. Univ. as an associate professor in the physics department. We decide to stay the night and in the moring we take the bullet train to N.Y. (Rebecca borrowed a device from Dr. Felder that detects temporal activity) We go clothes shopping - styles upscale, we also buy cameras and disposable cell phones. Maelannie and Jesse take off for the Physics building. (Lew casts a Seeker spell and finds which building Frank DeMarco is in, which isn't the Physics building. (DeMarco did his thesis on temporal ripples.) Maelannie and Jesse get a look at a page of DeMarco's math, which is very complex and coded. They come back and join the rest of us who have gone to check out the building he is in...the George W. Bush Science Building. It has a sign saying authorized personnel only, students need permission. It is metal, 3 stories high, 150 yds. long and 70 yds. wide...has a car delivery entrance, 2 door entrances and a large, 18 wheeler, delivery entrance. Some of us do a little surveillance of the building while Jesse goes and buys night vision goggles and stuff to electronically break into the building. A 10pm Rebecca's temporal detector goes off and we decide to move in. We break in (Lew uses a Lockmaster spell while Jesse and Jose tried to break in) and evade a security guard (Lew uses a Daze spell, and gets his gun) and eventually we end up at a large door with a flashing red light saying 'in use'. (Lew then casts a Glass Wall spell to see through it, he sees lots of people and 2 men in business suits looking ready to jump through a large ring. Jose sets off an alarm and one security guard comes toward us pulling a gun. (Bill mentally controls him, he lets us in the door and hands us his gun.) When the door opens we see their is a scientist, the two suited men and three security men in the room. One of the suited men is DeMarco, the other man says "It's them!...I told you we should have killed them!" The three security guards draw weapons. Rebecca runs for the emergency power shut off button (our equipment also has one). Jose, Jesse and Maelannie fire at the guards (the men use the guns they got from security guards, she uses her psi ability). The man with DeMarco shoots a Gauss weapon at Lew but it goes around him. Rebecca eventually hits the emergency power shut off and the rest of the Team takes them out. (Lew heals them up enough to stop them from dying) Rebecca asks Bill to try and 'encourage' DeMarco into giving us some answers, such as how he became Bush's chief of staff. He tells us he used a 'Robobug', put it in Bush's throat. It runs on a battery and let them implant ideas straight to his mind. We asked him his jump point...it was straight into Bush's bedroom at midnight on Sept. 14th, 2001. We ask why they were currently jumping and he said it was to make money. We ask the frequency of the 'bug' - 147.44 megacycles. DeMarco doesn't appear to have aged even though he was in 2001 so we ask what time he is from...says he is from this time and the time and the time travel device was built here at the Univ., his office is room 420 in the Science building. We take him prisoner and try to come up with a plan to fix this incursion. We decide to split up into two teams. Rebecca & Bill go one week early - Sept.6-7th 2001 - and ask for a retrieval in the usual way. The second team - Jose, Maelannie, Jesse and Lew - go to the Presidents bedroom just before midnight 11:58pm to stop and catch DeMarco before he gets to the President. The second team jumps in and stops DeMarco, and thus stopping the incursion. Bill & Rebecca spend the week in D.C. then get retrieved...so everyone is back where we belong on Sunday, June 9th.

Posted on: 2007/4/24 2:11
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Re: Session 10 (11-11-06)
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

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I have to go to a bonfire at my retired boss's in Milford tonight. There are going to be coworkers there, and it would look bad if I didn't go.

Posted on: 2007/4/28 15:39
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