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Back from the Millworks...One week later
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Just popping in

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" This is Channel 6 news. I'm Miranda Chen. Authorities still have no explanation for a bizarre series of events that have taken place in the greater Millennium City metro area. Speculation that the origin of these events might have something to do with a meteorite that landed outside of Grand Blanc has been denied by authorites. UNTIL has confirmed that an...encounter occured involving both themsleves and Millennium City's own Outsiders. Neither party will comment on just what it was they found out there. What is obvious to all observers is the bizarre transformation of all plant life in a one mile radius around the meteorite crash into a strange crystaline substance. This is but one in a series of strange events that has made this last week one of the most eventful in Millennium City's history.
The city's power grid has been fluctuating wildly in the last two days resulting in the first power outages ever suffered by the city. Likewise, a malfunction in the city's thermal heating grid resulting in melted tires across the city also could not be explained by officials.
The rash of police reports regarding unusual sightings are being attributed to mass hysteria. reports of strange lights, people, monsters, and even dinosaurs have been flooding the MCPD station. As yet there have been no confirmation of any sightings of any kind...repeat NO confirmation of any kind regarding these phenomena.
Police, with the help of The Outsiders, recaptured The Ultimates, who had recently broken free from PRIMUS custody. Agents on the scene reported that their capture was much easier when their gadgets and powers suddenly....shut off. In a related incident, Gargantua was captured by Kinetik and Cavalier with only moderate property damage after he suddenly started growing uncontrollably. After attaining a height of nearly 200 feet, he fell unconscious into the Detroit River.
And then there's the appearance of a brand new villain in Millennium City. Calling himself Entropy, he's struck three times in the last two days. In the first incident, the ghastly faced Entropy interrupted an UNTIL operation, freeing the villains Anklosaur and Pulsar, whom they had just captured. In the second incident, he broke into a local National City bank by literally blasting his way in, but then didn't take any money. He simply laughed and vanished in what was called...a hole in space. in the latest incident, Entropy was caught trying to break into the Millennium City Geothermal Plant. He left without causing damage to the plant, but he injured to security guards in his escape...one severely. Police report that physical contact with Entropy resulted in the guard getting an unusual ailment. That's the top story. Next up: weather. "

Posted on: 2007/6/16 4:46
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