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History of the New World
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Just can't stay away

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The New World – A History

Around 20000 years ago, no one knows for sure, elves migrated to the New World. There is no one still around who remembers the Great Migration. They met the dwarves and gnomes, who were here already. It is clear from the fossil record that they evolved here.

Around 1000 years ago, humans from the northern reaches of Europe migrated to the New World. They established colonies in the Northern Lands. They called their land Canada ('The Land') in ancient Speak. They traded with ships that came to and from Europe.

Around 400 years ago, Spain started establishing colonies in the New World. They concentrated on the more southern areas.

Around 300 years ago, England, France and the Netherlands establish colonies in the middle areas of the country. Contact was made with the elves within 10 years, with the dwarves and gnomes within 20 years. Halflings are native to the Netherlands.

Around 200 years ago, the modern Crestview Academy of Wizardry and Witchcraft is established. The well-established Hogwarts School sends instructors to teach there. An older Academy of the same name had been established by elves before, but was destroyed in a massive explosion, killing hundreds of students and teachers. This is known in Elven circles as Quin'ta Finita, translated as the End of Innocence.

Around 150 years ago, England grants independence to all the colonies, and they establish The United States.

80 years ago, the Hanover dynasty is overthrown in England, following the commitment of mad King George III. An English revolutionary named Christopher Lancaster (a descendant of the House of Lancaster) ascends the throne at the age of 20. He has reigned for 80 years as King Christopher I.

England undergoes a massive technological revolution. Led by the King (the most brilliant man of the age), England has advanced from Tech Level 4 to 6 in 80 years. They do not share much technology with the world. The United States, having had to cope with orc, ogre, troll, goblin and hobgoblin invasions, has not advanced much. They do have primitive matchlock muskets.

Posted on: 2006/6/22 17:38
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